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Hot Summer Nights Events

Free Hot Summer Nights events cool kids down, provide fire safety tips


(Barrie, ON) For the eighth year, Barrie Fire and Emergency Service (BFES) is cooling residents down with Hot Summer Nights, a free summertime tradition offered by the City of Barrie.


Kids of all ages can check out the cooling fire truck shower, meet firefighters, ask fire safety questions and participate in hands-on activities such as a retro combat gear challenge to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the service. Domino’s Pizza will be on site at the events selling pizza slices for $1 each, with proceeds going to charity.


“Events like Hot Summer Nights reflect our vision of getting to know the community better and educating residents to ensure they are safe, all while having fun,” says Samantha Hoffmann, Public Fire and Life Safety Officer, BFES.


Hot Summer Nights take place from 6 to 8 p.m. during July and August, weather permitting, on the following dates:



For more information, visit If any of the above dates are cancelled due to weather, a notice will be shared on Barrie Fire’s Twitter account.


Hot Summer Nights is sponsored by Rock 95, KOOL FM, Wendy’s and Domino’s Pizza.

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Ardagh/Mapleton Townhomes


I wanted to let everyone know that I am aware of the ongoing concerns about the lack of maintenance and job completion at the Ardagh/Mapleton townhomes. I have been in touch with the City Clerk to see how we can move forward with possibly implementing penalties if this work does not get completed soon. I will keep everyone up to date with this as it progresses.

I am very sorry about the frustrations this has caused.


Natalie Harris


Funding Opportunity

City accepting applications for LGBTQIA2+ Community Fund

(Barrie, ON) The City of Barrie is accepting applications from community organizations for up to $7,000 in one-time funding for LGBTQIA2+ programs and initiatives, including Pride Celebrations and anti-bullying programs that benefit the Barrie community.

In May, Council approved $14,000 in funding for LGBTQIA2+ initiatives, including the installation of a rainbow crosswalk across Simcoe Street at Meridian Place. The crosswalk was installed at a cost of $7,000, funded by private donations. The City is investing an additional $7,000 to support LGBTQIA2+ programs through one-time community grants.

Eligible organizations are encouraged to apply for the following two grant streams:

  1. Investing in Community Organizations Grant – funding for existing, not-for-profit organizations dedicated to improving the lives of LGBTQIA2+ youth and families.   Funding must be for either a new program or resource, or to scale an existing program to meet an identified need in the community.
  2. Building Community Grant – funding for existing or new organizations who are seeking to establish or grow the LGBTQIA2+ members or services in their community.  Funding must be for a campaign, program or resource to be deployed within their community.  Priority will be given to those organizations serving Indigenous/First Nations communities, New Canadians, and Youth at Risk.  If the applicant organization is not a registered not-for-profit, they must apply in partnership with a registered not for profit organization.  The City of Barrie encourages community partnerships for this grant program.

A jury of individuals from outside of Barrie with expertise in LGBTQIA2+ issues will be recruited to review the submissions and make recommendations on the awards. Individuals affiliated in any way with the organizations submitting proposals will be ineligible to participate on the jury.

Applications are being accepted until August 9, 2019. For more information, including the application form and guidelines, visit

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Here To Help – Barrie

Here To Help – Barrie, is a grassroots volunteer group who walk the streets of Barrie and provide resource material/pamphlets to anyone in need. Our mission is to compliment services already available and provide meaningful connection with the marginalized. Do you have a community resource you would like us to share? Just send me a message. You can find us on Facebook under, “Here To Help – Barrie”.


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Meeting With RAAM and MPPs

Today I had a wonderful meeting with the Rapid Action Addiction Medicine (RAAM) managers, Attorney General Doug Downey, MPP Andrea Khanjin, mothers who have lost their children to a drug overdose and fellow advocate Marc Hanuman.

We discussed the following:

– Adding an RN to the staff of the withdrawal management team (detox)

– Improving advertising of the RAAM

– Making Barrie’s RAAM open 24/7

– Developing a pilot project in Barrie that offers a satellite treatment centre in cooperation with RVH

– Adding a staff member to the RAAM clinic who would liaise with RVH’s emergency department and the RAAM

– Increase volunteer peer-support positions with lived-experience individuals

– Begin communication with the paramedic services base-hospital physician to potentially create a diversion protocol for stable withdrawal patients

…and so much more.

I will be setting a follow-up meeting ASAP. The discussion around the table was very promising!

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Recycling Collection

Update on Friday recycling collection routes:

Due to the extreme heat, some of the routes were not completed. Recycling that was due to be picked up on Saturday is scheduled to be picked up tomorrow (Monday). Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Barrie, opioid

“The Addict” – A Poem

I decided to write a poem instead of an insomnia thought tonight:

The Addict

I know you’re hanging by a thread,
I understand what’s in your head.
Chaos whirlwinds all around;
Needle piles are on the ground.
Never know if you’ll be sold;
Recovery takes you being bold.
Sick and searching to be free;
No time for purpose, just time for me.
Dedicate your life to change;
So many lives to rearrange.
Tough times living in the low;
But then again it’s all you know.
Confusing minds are set to fail;
While suffering minds are sent to jail.
Don’t take your precious eyes off me;
Don’t let addiction make you flee.
Help is scarce but it’s still there;
No need to drown in self despair.
Your destiny is soaring free;
Beyond the night, so much to be.
Live and jump on chandeliers;
Scream for freedom from your fears.
You’re gorgeous but you’re filled with dark;
Release the pain that left a mark.
Lift your head up from the ground;
There’s always hope this time around.