Shift Government – Connected Core

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Shift Government is about collaborating with other organizations to expand our impact, and to engage more partners. We are working on a stable of small projects that have a few things in common – they focus on community wellbeing, have root-cause oriented goals, and all involve working with organizations outside of City Hall, such as:

Connected Core
(RVH/Barrie Police/City)
Sliding Scale Mobile Market
(Barrie Housing/National Food Store)
Student / Senior co-housing
Barrie Housing Flooring Community Challenge
(Barrie Housing/BDAR)
Health Innovation Week
(MaRS/RVH/LifeLabs – Design Challenge)
Impact Collective
(Furniture Bank/Furniture Link / Redwood Park/ BRIX Makerspace/Community Builders)

This project is super exciting and being done with little staff. Congratulations to everyone involved!


More Help With Addiction And Mental Health In Barrie

“Coun. Natalie Harris also provided a few tweaks to the plan with a trio of amendments to the original motion, all of which received approval Monday night.

Those include having the city host an opioid/substance abuse forum facilitated through the office of the mayor, similar to one recently held in Orillia, to keep the public up-to-date on the issues; requesting that Connected Core representatives join the Barrie chapter of the human services and justice co-ordination committee, which includes people who work in the justice system, from the courts to correctional centres; and that the Barrie Drug Awareness Partnership (BDAP) provide information about the use of crystal methamphetmine in the area, including any changes to local patterns.”

Barrie Today Article


Barrie Water Quality – Not A Concern

The Toronto Star has published a series of articles about water quality in a number of Canadian municipalities:

Barrie is not included in the reporting, however it is generating local media calls about Barrie’s water quality.

Our 2018 Drinking Water Annual Report is published on our website here: It details sample locations as well as the results. Barrie’s water quality meets or exceeds all Provincial regulations.


Ferndale Drive Concerns: Update

Hello. As you know, Ferndale Drive is one of our most concerning streets in ward six with regards to speeding and safety. I wanted to update you on a few topics that I get asked about quite frequently by residents.

Speed Humps: Because Ferndale Drive is a bus route, the option of having speed humps installed here is low. The City of Barrie is looking into all options with respect to this.

Photo Radar: The Ford government is proposing regulatory changes that would allow municipalities to bring in automated speed enforcement (ASE) systems, better known as photo radar, at school and community safety zones. We are still waiting to hear back about this initiative.

Speed Limit Decrease: I will be polling the ward to see if residents are interested in having speed limits in some areas reduced to 30 km/h, such as the City of Toronto. Speed Limits of 30km/h in Toronto

Speed Board: There has been a speed board installed.

Police Radar: I am in frequent contact with Sgt Brooks, head of the traffic department with the Barrie Police, to request police radar on Ferndale Drive. You may have noticed that they were there yesterday.

If you have any further questions, please contact me at

I will keep you posted when I receive any updates on the above mentioned topics. Thank you.