Official Plan Workshop – Did you have your say?


It was a great night at the City of Barrie’s Official Plan Workshop! Whether you wanted to give your youth a say about the future plans of Barrie, learn about intensification and share sustainability ideas, or suggest your own transit route, (in my opinion) the workshop appealed to all of its guests.

I was so impressed to learn that Barrie Transit has implemented some of the suggestions I made (care of the community) a few months ago. When you go to the Main Terminal and the Allandale Terminal, you will find new signage that clearly labels bus routes and platforms – awesome! I missed a bus because I found it to be confusing before, and now it is streamlined and easy to navigate; route 1 goes to platform 1, route 2 goes to platform 2…and so on. Thank you!

Were you not able to make it? Don’t worry, you can check out lots of the topics of discussion at Building Barrie.

And do you have a youth who wants to share their ideas? Check out “Youth and the Official Plans”

Have your say! Love your city even more!

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Let’s Talk About YOU!


Hello Ward 6 Residents!

I hope this website has been a useful resource to you. Please remember to spread the word that this source is the best way to keep up with all the going’s on of the ward and the City of Barrie as I see it.

But, now I would like to know more about you and your businesses and volunteer work. I would also like to share your remarkable talents with the rest of the city through articles here and in other media.

So are you, or do you know someone, who lives in ward 6 and has a Barrie-based business, or who volunteers to make our city a better place? Let me know! I would love to meet you and spread the word about our amazing ward 6 residents.

I look forward to learning even more about our amazing community.

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County Road 27 at Humber Street

Hello. Here is an update with regards to a traffic signal request at County Road 27 and Humber Street.

The County has not undertaken a traffic signal warrant analysis at the intersection of County Road 27 and Humber Street. The County uses the Ontario Traffic Manual Book 12 Traffic Signals to determine the requirement and need for traffic signals at intersections. We typically do not permit the installation of unwarranted signals.

While a formal warrant analysis has not been completed at this location, the number of lots (67) in this subdivision and the traffic that they generate would not meet the minimum volume requirements to justify the need for signals at the intersection. As a comparison, a recent traffic impact study was submitted in support of the Pineview subdivision located on the east side of CR 27 just to the south of this area. It will have approximately 117 lots when completed. A traffic signal warrant analysis was undertaken as part of the study and it was determined that traffic signals were not warranted at that location even into the 10 year future planning horizon.

Given the volumes, the intersection of CR 27 and Humber has not been identified in our current short or long term capital plan as requiring improvements including signalization. Having said that, we have an item in our 2019 budget to retain an engineering firm to study and commence an environmental assessment (EA) for the widening of County Road 27 from 2 to 4 lanes from County Road 90 to the south limits of Thornton. If approved, we anticipate to have the EA and final design completed by 2023 with construction commencing in 2024 pending budget approvals. As part of the EA all intersections along the corridor with be assessed and improvements implemented as required. As a neighbouring municipality, the City of Barrie will be circulated on the EA notices and will be able to provide comment during the study process.  (Chris Doherty, C. Tech, County of Simcoe.)

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School Zone Signage Being Added


There have been some important resolutions made to a safety concern put forth by some of the ward 6 residents; I think it’s great news.
School zone sign near Ardagh Rd, Grants Way and Mapleton Ave


Staff completed a review of roadways around St. Joan of Arc High School, and Ardagh Bluffs Public School regarding school zone signage and noted the following deficiencies:
– Mapleton Ave is missing the community safety zone sign with ‘begins’ when turning off of Ardagh Road;
– Mapleton Ave is missing the school area signs for both directions;
– Eastbound on Ardagh Road is missing school area sign;
– Eastbound on Ardagh Road is missing midblock community safety zone;
– Grant’s Way does not have a community safety zone and reduced 40km/h, the current limits for the community safety zone and reduced 40 km/h zone for Ardagh Bluffs Public School ends on the north side of Ardagh Road along Wright Drive; This limit is in accordance with staff report ENG059-10, dated November 1, 2010.
– Staff will be extending the community safety zone, and reduced 40 km/h zone onto the future portion of Summerset Drive located west of Wright Drive; and
Wright Drive and Summerset Drive have all the required community safety zones, 40 km/h signs and school area signs.

Staff have requested all sign deficiencies be corrected.


– The direction of the radar board on Patterson Rd has been switched as requested.

– A survey to residents has been sent out regarding a 4-way stop at Penville and McIntyre

ward 6

Ward Meeting – For 390 Essa Road


Just an FYI that there will be a ward meeting on January 15th at 7pm at the Holly Recreation Centre regarding building proposals for 390 Essa Rd. I will be present to answer any questions – but keep in mind that this presentation is for information from  the builder only at this point.

Thank you!


Meeting With MPP Andrea Khanjin


I had a lovely meeting with MPP Khanjin today. We discussed the following:

– Schedule 10 of Bill 66, and creating and implementing policies to continue to protect Lake Simcoe and the Greenbelt if it gets to royal assent;
– Consumption and treatment centre for Barrie to address the opioid crisis;
– Provincial funding for the Child Advocacy Centre. (Click here for more info.)
– Possibility of a virtual mental health hub pilot project in #barrie;
– Ideas for the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan; which is up for renewal.

Great meeting with councillor Harris today! I am excited to work together on mental health initiative and awareness. Natalie knows first hand where the gaps in the system are and what we can do as a province to help solve them. MPP Khanjin

MPP Khanjin and I will be meeting again next month to discuss these topics further. Stay tuned.

Also, she would have liked to attend the Feb 5th, Barrie Town Hall Meeting about Bill 66, but she is away during that week and plans on sending another MPP to answer questions and address concerns.