Natalie’s Community Goals

Here are just SOME of my community goals:

  • Keep Lake Simcoe Clean – enjoying clean water is essential to Barrie’s productivity and community well-being. I will advocate for the continued maintenance of our waterways, beaches and parks, which reflect the beauty Barrie has to offer its residents and guests. I feel there is an absolute need to protect water and wetlands, and to recharge areas from development, aggregate extraction and other intrusive activities in our municipality. Wetlands provide flood control, improve our water quality and provide habitat for many wildlife species. Sadly, up to 70% of Canada’s wetlands have been destroyed. Urban expansion poses an extreme threat to water quality and wetland preservation, and I feel as a Barrie City Councillor it will be my responsibility to advocate to protect these precious areas. I am loving what the Florida Everglades, (thanks to US legislation developed in 1986) is doing to combat this problem – they only allow development of wetlands if an equal amount of wetland is established elsewhere. I also think it is imperative to fight invasive species in our waterways and wetlands, and for Barrie City Council to use resources like Ducks Unlimited to learn about research and best practices with respect to this concern and all conservation concerns. Funding to acquire wetland property can come from the Government of Canada’s Natural Areas Conservation Program. And the North American Water Fowl Plan can provide Barrie Council with much needed species protection information during all urban expansion projects.
  • Improved Mental Health Advocacy – while a large portion of health-care is a provincial item, I find it extremely necessary to advocate for growth and improvement to our mental health services at a municipal level as well. Check out my page “Why Mental Health IS a Municipal Concern” for more information.
  • Improved Community Safety – as a retired paramedic, community safety is paramount in my eyes. Among many safety improvements, I would like to see a cross-walk on Ferndale Dr from Wildwood to Hawthorne in order to help reduce speed and provide a safe place for residents to cross this busy road.
  • Strong Voice For Barrie – I have experience advocating for others at all levels of government. (Federal – Bill C211, Provincial – Bill 163, Municipal – as a voice for many community organizations such as CMHA and RVH). I know how to deliver your voice in order to have your needs met.