My Active Transportation Feedback…So Far

I finally got out on my (son’s) bike and toured some of our city, (Mapleview, Yonge, Prince William Way and some side streets), to see what it is like to use the city’s active transportation modes, ie: bike lanes. Here are my findings:

  • I. Am. Out. Of. Shape! – I have to throw that in here! It is a significant enough finding to warrant its own bullet point!
  • Overall I felt quite safe; especially when I was riding on a bike lane;
  • Some of the bike lanes need the gravel removed from them;
  • Some low hanging trees were an obstruction to the bike lane;
  • The bike lane on Mapleview, east of Yonge, was very roomy…at times. There wasn’t a standard width. But, I did feel safer while in a bike lane than while not in one, regardless of the width;
  • Riding behind a garbage truck is not fun! 🙂

I have more areas of Barrie to ride to get the full feel of how we can improve our active transportation infrastructure. Overall, I had a very pleasant ride and look forward to going out again soon.