Fireworks Regulatory Bylaw

As per our Regulatory By-law, the following rules apply to fireworks:

FIREWORKS / PYROTECHNICS (Consumer class) DEFINITIONS:For the purpose of this section the following definitions shall apply:FIREWORKS – means any Class 7 Division 2 explosive within the Explosives Act Regulations generally comprised of low hazard fireworks such as but not limited to fireworks showers, fountains, golden rain, lawn lights, pin wheels, Roman candles, volcanoes and sparklers not exceeding 6” in length, but shall not include Christmas Crackers, caps for toy guns and pyrotechnic distress signals or lifesaving devices.

CONSUMER FIREWORKS – means all fireworks known as Class 7.2.1 fireworks as defined under the Explosives Act and subsequent regulations.

PYROTECHNICS – means all fireworks known as Class 7.2.5 fireworks as defined under the Explosives Act and subsequent regulations.FREE ZONE AREA – means an area of clear distance between the point of launch and an occupied area.

SELL or SALE of FIREWORKSNo person shall sell any fireworks within the City unless licensed to do so under the appropriate by-law or legislation.

SETTING OFFNo person shall discharge or set off any fireworks of any kind or description within the City save and except during a period of 5 calendar days prior to and the Victoria Day holiday, and 5 calendar days prior to and the Canada Day holiday, and 5 calendar days prior to New Years Day, and 5 days prior to the day of Chinese New Year unless authorized to do so.Subject to Section a person 18 years of age or over may discharge and/or hold a display of Consumer fireworks or supervise or control such discharge or display on any land belonging to him or on any other privately owned land where the owner has given permission for such display or discharge of fireworks or pyrotechnics.No person shall use, set off, or allow to be used or set off any firework(s) in such a place or in such a manner as might create danger to any person or property, or to do or cause to allow any unsafe act or omission at the time and place of setting off fireworks.No person shall set off any firework(s) in or on or into any highway or public park as defined by this by-law or on or into any other private property for which permission has not been granted.No person shall ignite fireworks within 300 metres of a hospital, nursing home, health lodge, home for the aged, school or church unless the consent of the City and the owner or his agent is obtained.No person shall set off fireworks when the surface wind speed at the time of the display exceeds 40 km/h (kilometers per hour).No fireworks not including pyrotechnics shall be ignited inside of or closer than 8 metres to any building, tent, trailer, camp or shelter or motor vehicle.No fireworks, not including pyrotechnics shall be ignited within 300 metres of any place where explosives, gasoline or other highly flammable substances are manufactured, stored or displayed in large quantities.

If you are aware of fireworks in our ward which violate this bylaw, please call the Enforcement Services line at 7057394241.


Women’s Treatment Centre on the Agenda for Barrie

Fellow advocate, Marc Hanuman Cohen and I have been working on this project for over a year and are so looking forward to seeing it finally coming closer to fruition. We researched many treatment models and participated in conferences about addiction recovery with METAPHI in Toronto, and are so excited to have chosen to work with Director Peter Brewitt, Co-Founder and Executive Director (Volunteer) Blaine Hobson and staff at Cornerstone For Recovery. This Centre in Newmarket has been successfully funded through the collection of textiles for many years and is very supported by their local Mayors. Our Mayor, Jeff Lehman toured the site with us before Covid-19 hit, and was very happy with the model as well.

Our textile diversions from Barrie’s landfill will save taxpayers money (approximately $170k/year), and decrease our carbon footprint.

The next step is a men’s treatment centre and a clubhouse for the community.

For more information about Cornerstone, please go to https://cornerstonetorecovery.com/

Stay tuned 💕#Barrie #Treatment #Addiction #Community #Hope