Eidmubarak 🌙

Eidmubarak🌙 Thank you Zarmina and family for providing this delicious food to our community. Thank you for your kindness and culture. ❤️ #Barrie

Eid is a time of celebration after accomplishing one of the most important religious duties: fasting during the month of Ramadan.

Ardagh Road Speeding (and all of Ward 6) Is Being Monitored

Contrary to some popular belief, Ardagh Road (and all of the streets in Barrie) are NOT race tracks.

Please share this post to let these speeders know that the Barrie Police are monitoring this closely and will be laying charges as required.

I am, and will continue to be, in contact with the traffic department on a regular basis to advocate that radar is done here often.

It’s only a matter of time; when you are caught racing down this road, you will be facing heavy fines, charges and possible vehicle impoundment.

This community is rallying to have this stopped. We see you. Please start taking into consideration the safety of others and stop racing illegally.

City Councillor Natalie Harris

COVID-19 FAQ’s Updated May 19, 2020

What outdoor recreational amenities has the Province allowed to be open?

The Province of Ontario amended the emergency order on Tuesday, May 19 to open some outdoor recreational amenities, however the announcement reinforced that gatherings of more than 5 people are still not permitted at any time. The following amenities can begin reopening: outdoor sports facilities and multi-use fields (including baseball diamonds, soccer fields, frisbee golf locations, tennis, pickleball courts, basketball courts, and skate parks); off-leash dog areas; and outdoor picnic sites, benches and shelters in park and recreational areas.

When will these amenities open in Barrie?

Staff are in the process of opening these various facilities and fields and will require some time to get all safety inspections and maintenance done. The public are reminded that physical distancing is still in effect and to not gather in groups of more than 5.

When will permits be issued for sports fields?

Parks & Forestry staff will require two weeks to prepare the fields for organized or group activities once the Province lifts restrictions for team/group activities of more than 5 people on sports fields. We will confirm timing for permits once additional direction is received from the Province.

What about beaches in Barrie?

Beaches in Barrie remain closed and will be considered by the Province as part of Phase 2 of the reopening.

Are boat launches open in Barrie?

As per the Provincial guidelines as of Saturday, May 16 the Tiffin Boat launch will be open. The Marina Boat launch will open on Friday, May 22 to be aligned with the opening of the Barrie Marina.

When is the Barrie Marina opening?

Barrie’s Marina, boat launch and Bayfield basin transient boat docks will reopen Friday, May 22. The Marina must be prepared and cleaned according to the provincial and health unit guidelines, and health and safety training for City staff must occur as a result of COVID-19 before the Marina can reopen. These preparations are currently taking place.

When is the dog off leash park (DORLA) opening?

The City’s Dog Off-Leash Recreation Area (DOLRA) on Bayview Drive will reopen on Tuesday, May 19 aligned with the Provincial recommendations.

When is the City opening tennis courts?

Tennis courts are anticipated to reopen the week of May 25. Physical distancing and sanitation guidelines will remain in place. Maintenance work, safety checks and net installation need to be completed before the courts can open.

When are sports fields opening?

The Provincial guidelines for Phase 1 includes the reopening of sport fields for individual recreational use as of Tuesday, May 19. Residents are reminded to practice safe physical distancing of at least two arm’s length (approximately 2 metres) and to not gather in groups on the fields. As previously outlined to City Council, Parks & Forestry staff will require two weeks to prepare the fields for organized or group activities once the Province lifts restrictions for team/group activities on sports fields.


You Can Help With The Recovery Plan For Barrie! Here’s How:

Business Online Survey: Open from May 12 until May 24 and housed at https://www.buildingbarrie.ca/businessrecovery/survey_tools/businessfeedback. We are asking businesses to complete a survey that will contribute to the creation of the action plan. The questions contained in the survey align with the questions that will form discussion points during our sector consultation sessions (more details below).

Resident Feedback: Open from May 12 until May 24 and housed within Building Barrie www.buildingbarrie.ca/BusinessRecovery. We are soliciting suggestions and ideas on how the City can support economic recovery and help our local businesses thrive.