Marta Cres Update Regarding Backyard Flooding

The meeting with the conservation authority finally happened and City of Barrie senior staff attended to try and reinforce the seriousness of the issue. There will be a full staff briefing on Wednesday.

Conservation authority staff have committed to pulling the original design drawings for this area. We are trying to figure out if the original design failed or if there is a blockage somewhere that just needs to get cleaned up.

All the records are with the CA and given that it is a designated wetland, we have to go through them.

They are aware of the importance of action on this (given the long delay in even getting the meeting due to their staff vacation schedules) and they indicate that they are starting immediately.

If they can’t find any reason for the water issues, the next step is to speak to the Ministry of Natural Resources about the wetland designation and request for removal or at least a permit to allow berming at the back of properties.

Staff in both Operations and Development Services are fully engaged in this and pushing the CA for action. City staff have a calender entry to ask for an update in two weeks.

The hope is to be able to take action next year; There is simply not enough time to finish sorting out cause, design a solution and get permits.

I hope this update helps to inform you of next steps and timelines. I am always here if you have any questions at any time.

Natalie Harris