So happy to see these cars being fined!
The noises they make are huge triggers for people with sound sensitivities; ie: People with PTSD and autism.
They also induce anxiety in many pets. My rescue dog Milly hides when she hears them.
Cars have mufflers for a reason. Not everyone wants to listen to your vehicle.
Great job Barrie Police!

Appeal Information For 224/250 Ardagh Road

Hi Everyone,

The notices of decision and passing for 224, and part of 250 Ardagh Road, have been issued (both are attached). In those decisions there is information about how to appeal the decision to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT). After the decision has been issued, there will be 20 days in which to make an official appeal.

Just as a reminder, I was not able to vote on, or speak to this plan (as per the Integrity Commissioner of the City of Barrie) because I lived in such close proximity to the site which created a potential pecuniary interest. The notice for the neighbourhood meeting was given to all property owners within 240 m of the property. The notice for the public meeting is a statutory requirement under the Planning Act and that is 120 m from the property. In addition, signs were placed on the property and there was a newspaper notice all as part of the City’s statutory notice requirements. The communications department also promotes meetings on Facebook and Twitter.

Prior to the amendment, this property was already designated and zoned commercial in the Official Plan and Zoning By-law. Many of the standards referenced in the zoning by-law are stipulated to tie the development proposal to the site.

Here are links to pertinent information should you want to appeal this decision:

  1. Link to information on the project & supporting studies: https://www.barrie.ca/City%20Hall/Planning-and-Development/Proposed-Developments/Ward6/Pages/224-Ardagh-Road.aspx
  2. Link to information on the Appeal Tribunal: https://olt.gov.on.ca/tribunals/lpat/about-lpat/

If you have any questions please email Michelle Banfield (Director of Development Services) Michelle.Banfield@barrie.ca

Or myself: Natalie.Harris@barrie.ca


Information Regarding Parkside/Cygnus Townhomes

Hi Everyone,

Here is an update with respect to past and current concerns about the townhouse complex on the corner of Mapleton/Ardagh.

I am sharing this with the entire ward as I receive inquiries/complaints about this condominium on a regular basis and it is pertinent for everyone to be informed about which issues the City can and cannot address.

The issues the City can enforce are via the site plan agreement.

The other issues are civil matters under the Condo Board Act which the City can’t enforce. (Residents are directed to contact Tarion and those who oversee the Condo Act for resolutions.)

City staff have been attempting to get Mr. Montagnes to address multiple issues, and it is staff’s understanding that he is in discussion with two management companies currently, and hopes to hand the development over to them.

Mr. Montagnes has indicated that work should be completed in the fall; City staff have no way to confirm this other than to continue following up on a regular basis and strongly encourage that he complete matters under City control.

The City has put Mr. Montagnes on formal notice that if site plan related works are not complete this fall, the City will take over the site plan matters under the “undue delay” clause in the agreement. The City will still not be able to address civil matters between the residents/Condo Act/Tarion.

Status of the common elements in which the Letters of Credit are secured under.

  1. Cosmetic fencing in front of Ardagh Road for access control: Uncompleted and will be finished before Oct. 2020
  2. Light standards throughout the neighbourhood: Completed
  3. Parkette and basketball court in the back (at present it is a pile of dirt to be removed): Uncompleted and will be finished before Oct. 2020.
  4. Mailboxes moved to the Parkette upon completion: This is Federal and Canada Post issue. City staff will use contacts to assist with this action.
  5. Privacy fencing for certain homes: Civil matter under Tarion
  6. Owner’s board meeting. (When is the next one?): Civil matter
  7. Grading and deposit to be returned? Civil matter
  8. Who is enforcing the parking signs? (Are the roads assumed by the City, if no, when will they be assumed?): The City does not own or control these roads until Developer transfer over control. That can’t happen while outstanding work remains. If the work isn’t complete this fall the City will cash securities and complete. Once completed, the Condo Board could enter into an agreement with the City for parking enforcement or do private enforcement. Until then, the City has no authority.
  9. Financials disclosed: Civil matter
  10. When will home evaluations be completed? Tarion and Civil matter
  11. Enforcement and/or cleaning up (cutting 6” grass and weeds) the neighbourhood: Civil matter. Could become a City property standard enforcement matter if needed. Residents can call property standards department for action. I (Councillor Harris) have put in formal complaints regarding these issues.

I hope that this information is helpful. If you have any other concerns or questions, please email me.