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New Traffic Calming Measure

City piloting new traffic calming measure to create safer streets

(Barrie, ON) The City of Barrie is piloting a new way to slow traffic on neighbourhood roads. A cardboard cutout of a police officer with a traffic radar gun will be placed at the side of the road on select streets around the city this summer in the hopes of getting the attention of drivers to slow down.

The pilot is an innovative approach that expands on the City’s traffic calming measures and supports Council’s strategic priority of improving the ability to get around. The objective of traffic calming is to create safer neighbourhoods by reducing the speed of traffic. Traffic-calmed streets are intended to improve residents’ quality of life and increase safety for active transportation users. The City’s other traffic calming measures include temporary speed cushions, radar speed advisory boards, road diets and temporary median islands.

To learn more and read the City’s Traffic Calming Policy, visit

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Looking For A Volunteer

Hi Everyone,

I have a disabled couple who live in the ward and are in need of some assistance with their lawn and garbage maintenance. I am working with the City to increase the assistance they are receiving from St.Elizabeth’s (once a week at the moment) and I will be lending a hand as much as possible, but I saw this as an excellent opportunity for some youth to obtain their volunteer hours.

If you know of anyone who is interested in discussing this further, please ask them to email me at I will work with their school to make sure that arrangements are made properly.

Thank you!

Natalie Harris – Ward 6 Councillor

Barrie, ward 6

Ardagh & Mapleton Townhomes Update


I have gathered the following information from city staff about the townhome complex located at Ardagh and Mapleton:

– the Site Plan was registered on Feb 8, 2016 for a 92 unit townhouse condominium development.

– technically the site is still under construction and the City continues to hold significant securities with respect to this property.  We could draw on them, in due course, if the developer does not complete the requirements under the Site Plan Agreement.

– it is not unusual for developments of this size to take this amount of time to complete.

– staff anticipate that the outstanding works will be completed over the balance of the summer.

All of this said, it needs to be acknowledged that this is condominium development and once the developer satisfies the site plan conditions, concerns will be addressed by the board.

As for the boulevard cutting, it is the responsible of property owners (in this case the condo) to cut the boulevards.  If they are not done, we do follow up.  On these roads (collectors/arterial) if no action is taken, staff will cut twice a year.

I will be keeping everyone up to date with any changes. I will be asking to have the boulevard cut asap. Thank you for your patience with this matter.


Barrie, ward 6

Hot Summer Nights Events

Free Hot Summer Nights events cool kids down, provide fire safety tips


(Barrie, ON) For the eighth year, Barrie Fire and Emergency Service (BFES) is cooling residents down with Hot Summer Nights, a free summertime tradition offered by the City of Barrie.


Kids of all ages can check out the cooling fire truck shower, meet firefighters, ask fire safety questions and participate in hands-on activities such as a retro combat gear challenge to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the service. Domino’s Pizza will be on site at the events selling pizza slices for $1 each, with proceeds going to charity.


“Events like Hot Summer Nights reflect our vision of getting to know the community better and educating residents to ensure they are safe, all while having fun,” says Samantha Hoffmann, Public Fire and Life Safety Officer, BFES.


Hot Summer Nights take place from 6 to 8 p.m. during July and August, weather permitting, on the following dates:



For more information, visit If any of the above dates are cancelled due to weather, a notice will be shared on Barrie Fire’s Twitter account.


Hot Summer Nights is sponsored by Rock 95, KOOL FM, Wendy’s and Domino’s Pizza.

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Ardagh/Mapleton Townhomes


I wanted to let everyone know that I am aware of the ongoing concerns about the lack of maintenance and job completion at the Ardagh/Mapleton townhomes. I have been in touch with the City Clerk to see how we can move forward with possibly implementing penalties if this work does not get completed soon. I will keep everyone up to date with this as it progresses.

I am very sorry about the frustrations this has caused.


Natalie Harris

ward 6

Recycling Collection

Update on Friday recycling collection routes:

Due to the extreme heat, some of the routes were not completed. Recycling that was due to be picked up on Saturday is scheduled to be picked up tomorrow (Monday). Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.