Spring Cleaning Supplies

Due to COVID-19, Barrie’s annual spring clean has been cancelled. BUT… if you would like to still do some cleaning in your neighbourhood, with members of your household, I will drop off gloves and bags to your home and arrange pickup of the filled bags by City staff.

If you are interested, please email me at Natalie.Harris@barrie.ca

Thank you! 🌸


Safety Concern Reported In The Ardagh Bluffs

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I have confirmed with Barrie Police, that this was indeed reported and I received the following response:

“The vehicle in question was gone when police responded to the area to follow up on what was communicated; the contents of the complaint could not be verified as there was no licence plate obtained. There was a delay in police receiving the details (given the text below indicates that the incident occurred at “about 5pm”.

The complainant did not wish to see police so the details of the incident were not confirmed by the responding officer.

It is strongly recommended that any incident where there is a suspicious vehicle or person involved, police urge the public to report it immediately to police so that the appropriate police response with the appropriate resources can take place. Where vehicles are involved, a licence plate, make, model, colour and any distinguishable features should be noted where possible as these will assist in any required investigation or follow up. Where it is a person, and it is a male (as in last night’s incident), height, weight, build, colour, clothing, glasses, facial hair are all help descriptors that can help to identify the person involved.”

If you have any further information, please contact Barrie Police or myself. Thank you.