Statement Concerning City Of Barrie Workplace Investigation

Below is a link with regards to a City of Barrie workplace investigation.

I would like to highlight the following portion of the statement: “On October 20th, General Committee voted to not extend the time permitted for a complaint to be submitted to the Integrity Commissioner beyond the timeline specified within the Code of Conduct. Also that night, General Committee voted on a motion to receive legal advice on the matter. While that motion at General Committee was also not passed, a revised motion was unanimously passed at City Council on October 26th to seek legal advice to continue the process. At no time did Council vote to suspend, block, or slow down an investigation of this matter.”

Some City Council members have been the focus of misinformation and slander for many weeks now without being able to clarify the facts of this investigation in order to respect the confidentially requirements. At NO TIME DID COUNCIL VOTE TO SUSPEND, BLOCK OR SLOW DOWN AN INVESTIGATION OF THIS MATTER.