Women’s Treatment Centre on the Agenda for Barrie

Fellow advocate, Marc Hanuman Cohen and I have been working on this project for over a year and are so looking forward to seeing it finally coming closer to fruition. We researched many treatment models and participated in conferences about addiction recovery with METAPHI in Toronto, and are so excited to have chosen to work with Director Peter Brewitt, Co-Founder and Executive Director (Volunteer) Blaine Hobson and staff at Cornerstone For Recovery. This Centre in Newmarket has been successfully funded through the collection of textiles for many years and is very supported by their local Mayors. Our Mayor, Jeff Lehman toured the site with us before Covid-19 hit, and was very happy with the model as well.

Our textile diversions from Barrie’s landfill will save taxpayers money (approximately $170k/year), and decrease our carbon footprint.

The next step is a men’s treatment centre and a clubhouse for the community.

For more information about Cornerstone, please go to https://cornerstonetorecovery.com/

Stay tuned 💕#Barrie #Treatment #Addiction #Community #Hope