Update On The Proposed Development At Ardagh Road And Ferndale Drive – URGENT



Last night during City Council, I was finally able to vote on the proposed development at Ardagh Rd and Ferndale Dr. because I no longer live on Ardagh Rd.

I voted NO.

However, the overall vote was a yes. BUT WE CAN STILL APPEAL THIS DECISION.

This is a quote from the Integrity Commissioner, Suzanne Craig, as to why I could not voice my opinion/vote prior to last night:

It is my position that generally on planning issues, if a Member lives on the street affected by the application, the rules of the MCIA are triggered as the Member has a potential pecuniary interest in the matter. Further, even if the pecuniary interest is viewed as ” an interest in common with other electors generally” and covered by the exemption to the requirement to declare an interest, not influence the vote and not vote, there may still be a Code personal interest for which the Member should not vote.


If you would like to appeal this decision, please contact Director of Development Services, Michelle Banfield, as soon as possible. 705 726-4242 x 5466

I will be filing an appeal as well.