PTSD Awareness Day And Upcoming Meeting With Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addiction Michael Tibollo

Yesterday was PTSD Awareness Day, so I searched through some of my blogs and pulled this one out to share for a few reasons. PTSD has many demons; one being addiction. The trauma(s) that causes PTSD can become so unbearable that without professional help the person may need to use mind-altering substances to feel a sense of ease and comfort, to sleep through the incessant night-terrors, and to pretty much survive. The use of a substance often “works” for a while, but when the individual develops a tolerance to a substance they need stronger, and often more dangerous drugs to obtain the same effect; poly drug use often also occurs during this time. These people did not CHOOSE to become addicted to drugs. A path of unhealed trauma took them there. This can happen to anyone. And it happened to me.

Tomorrow my friend and fellow advocate Marc Cohen and I will be having a Zoom meeting with Ontario’s Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addiction, Michael Tibollo, and many other leaders to discuss the effects in which COVID-19 has had on people battling the disease of addiction. We still have a massive opioid crisis taking place, and getting worse, and we must continue the conversation on how to help these individuals get the fulsome help they so deserve and need to recover.

Furthermore, Marc and I are hopeful that Cornerstone Recovery can begin their search for a location in Barrie next month. Stay tuned.

I understand what’s in your head.

Chaos clatters all around;

Needle piles are on the ground.

Never sure if you’ll be sold;

Your youthfulness now turned to old.

Longing, desperate to be free;

No longer hope in unity.

Tough times living in the low;

But then again it’s all you know.

While you exist you seem to fail;

Suffering minds are sent to jail.

Just keep your weary eyes on me;

Don’t let addiction make you flee.

Find your courage left to care;

Have faith that help is still somewhere;

You’re destined always to soar free;

Beyond the night, so much to be.

Live and jump on chandeliers;

Scream for freedom from your fears.

You’re gorgeous but you’re filled with dark;

Release the pain that left a mark.

Dedicate your life to change;

So many lives to rearrange.

Lift your head up from the ground;

Recovery this time around.