Addiction Get-Well Cards With Barrie Police And A Grade 6 Class

I had the pleasure of joining Barrie Police at Codrington Public School today to make #addictiongetwellcards and talk about mental health with a grade 6 class.

These kids are AMAZING! The conversations that were happening were beautiful. One student told me that his mom “used to have addiction” but that she’s better now. And another opened up to the class about how bullying has affected him in the past. 🙏

This mission is not at all about just making cards. It’s about conversations and community connection. It’s about stigma reduction and mental health promotion. It’s about compassion and friendship.

They were very happy to know that their cards were going to the hospital for people who may not have gotten a get-well card otherwise. They were SO proud of their cards.

A quick trip to the dollar store for some craft supplies has turned into something that has also helped ME down my path of recovery. Connection is key. This is so simple – please consider doing this activity with your family, classroom or co-workers. ❤️