Ardagh/Summerset Neighbourhood Meeting

Link to proposal information on City of Barrie website


Thank you to everyone who attend the neighborhood meeting for the Ardagh/Summerset site proposal.

Just a reminder that an official application from the builder or planner has NOT been submitted yet. The meeting was to show which way they would LIKE to move with the site. But we are a long way away from anything being finalized.

I have noted all of the suggestions and concerns made at the meeting. Some people have asked me if they can start a petition against it (in one form or another). Yes, absolutely you can. Just bear in mind that nothing is official yet. It may be best to start these when the plan has been submitted. In the meantime you can always send your additional suggestions and concerns to myself and/or Celeste Kitsemetry (City Planner – Celeste.Kitsemetry@barrie.ca) at any time.

If you have specific questions about my views on the proposal we viewed, please email me (Natalie.Harris@barrie.ca). I would love to provide you with my thoughts.

Thank you!