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Ferndale Drive Speed and Commercial Vehicle Data To Be Collected



I had a meeting with Sgt. Brooks and some residents today about safety concerns on Ferndale Drive, and I wanted to update everyone that in the next few weeks there will be new technology used to record the speed and length of vehicles travelling along this road. Our ward is the first in Barrie to have this new technology.

This will provide the Barrie Police Service with precise timeframes when speeding occurs most, AND will detect how many commercial vehicles are using this road. I will receive this data over the next few months.

Two residents from the ward have provided Sgt. Brooks with a list of companies using Ferndale Drive for commercial vehicle use – thank you. A civilian will be contacting these companies to remind them that they are not to be using this road without a permit. The fines, if they do so, will be clearly communicated.

I will keep everyone updated as the data is collected.

As for speed cameras, the city clerk has informed me that this is on city staff’s agenda to be brought to council again in the near future now that the Ontario Government has given municipalities permission to use them if approved by city council.

As for decreasing the speed limit, the poll I conducted showed only a small difference between the ‘yes’ and ’no’ votes collected from residents about whether or not they would want this. Sgt. Brooks has also informed me that decreasing the speed limit can also result in aggressive driving when traffic gets backed up because of slower moving vehicles. So, we have to remember that even though what seems to be an easy solution to one problem, can result in the formation of a new one.

When the data comes in from this new technology I will be requesting even more police presence during the most problematics times, and I also hope to see a decrease in commercial vehicle use of the road once the Barrie Police civilian contacts the companies which are using it, possibly without a permit.

Thank you everyone for your advocacy and passion for community safety!

If you ever have any further policing questions please don’t hesitate to contact Barrie Police

And I am always here to answer any ward and city questions at any time. Natalie.Harris@barrie.ca