Dog Found Safe After Some Community Detective Work. And Puppies For Sale!

My community is THE BEST! Earlier today, a lady posted that she witnessed a dog being struck on Ferndale Dr.

It wasn’t long for a search party to be formed with the help of Pawsitive Ground Search & Rescue South Simcoe (705) 727-2789.

I started by walking Hawthorne and the path to Cumming and at one point I could hear a dog sort of crying. I followed it and found a male husky tied up, but outside the gate of the backyard. I went to speak to the home owner and there was a bit of a language barrier. From what I initially gathered this was just a coincidence that her dog was a husky and the dog that was on Ferndale was a husky too.

I carried on and looked some more, but when the dashcam video was posted, I zoomed in and was pretty sure this was the same dog. I thought, maybe the car spun the dog around but it’s ok? I wasn’t sure so I went back and let the other ladies who were searching know.

After a bit more conversation, I discovered that the dogs had indeed gotten out around the time of the video, but after a close look by myself and another search-party member, we agreed that they were not injured.

Best ending… so when I asked to see the second dog, the home owner opened a bedroom door and 6 puppies ran out!

She is looking for loving homes for them. And she is getting a more secure latch for the back gate. 😄

Her name is Nena. If you are interested in the puppies let me know and I will give you her contact.

Thank you so much to Sarah Gail, Stephanie Lyn, Madi Dipietro, Judy Sanderson, Sue Holden Morandini and Helen Elizabeth for stepping out so quickly to assist! Great work everyone