Barrie, opioid

Meeting With RAAM and MPPs

Today I had a wonderful meeting with the Rapid Action Addiction Medicine (RAAM) managers, Attorney General Doug Downey, MPP Andrea Khanjin, mothers who have lost their children to a drug overdose and fellow advocate Marc Hanuman.

We discussed the following:

– Adding an RN to the staff of the withdrawal management team (detox)

– Improving advertising of the RAAM

– Making Barrie’s RAAM open 24/7

– Developing a pilot project in Barrie that offers a satellite treatment centre in cooperation with RVH

– Adding a staff member to the RAAM clinic who would liaise with RVH’s emergency department and the RAAM

– Increase volunteer peer-support positions with lived-experience individuals

– Begin communication with the paramedic services base-hospital physician to potentially create a diversion protocol for stable withdrawal patients

…and so much more.

I will be setting a follow-up meeting ASAP. The discussion around the table was very promising!