Barrie, opioid

“The Addict” – A Poem

I decided to write a poem instead of an insomnia thought tonight:

The Addict

I know you’re hanging by a thread,
I understand what’s in your head.
Chaos whirlwinds all around;
Needle piles are on the ground.
Never know if you’ll be sold;
Recovery takes you being bold.
Sick and searching to be free;
No time for purpose, just time for me.
Dedicate your life to change;
So many lives to rearrange.
Tough times living in the low;
But then again it’s all you know.
Confusing minds are set to fail;
While suffering minds are sent to jail.
Don’t take your precious eyes off me;
Don’t let addiction make you flee.
Help is scarce but it’s still there;
No need to drown in self despair.
Your destiny is soaring free;
Beyond the night, so much to be.
Live and jump on chandeliers;
Scream for freedom from your fears.
You’re gorgeous but you’re filled with dark;
Release the pain that left a mark.
Lift your head up from the ground;
There’s always hope this time around.