OSPCA Enforcement Changing June 28th


I am very concerned about the welfare of our animals, so on May 6th I will be presenting this motion concerning the OSPCA no longer enforcing animal cruelty laws after June 28th.

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Whereas there is the potential for the download to municipal governments regarding the enforcement of animal cruelty by-laws;

And Whereas OPSCA enforcement activities have varied considerably across the province depending, in part, on whether a specific municipality offers animal services or standards of care.  At present, municipal bylaw enforcement officers lack the necessary powers for animal cruelty investigations. In addition, police officers and enforcement officers do not have the training required to conduct this work.

Therefore Be It Resolved that correspondence be sent to the Ministry of the Solicitor General, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, requesting, that the province adopt a provincial service delivery model for animal cruelty enforcement based on other provincial models or a hybrid of these and that municipalities be provided a minimum of 6 months for a transition for the determination of municipal regulations and hiring of additional staff to address these responses.